Below you will find some common support questions and answers.
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Should I use the Extension, the Bookmarklet or the “Launcher”?

If you use Chrome, then use the extension. If not, use the Bookmarklet. Use the launcher only for simple sites that don’t use much javascript and for sharing “WebFonted” pages with others.

What’s the difference exactly?

The WebFonter Chrome browser extension is, we think, the best way to use the WebFonter simply because it should work on the widest range of websites. If you use the Chrome browser we strongly recommend using the extension.

The bookmarklet is a good second choice. If you don’t use Chrome, or for some reason you can’t or don’t want to install an extension, then the bookmarklet is the way to go. It will work on almost as many sites as the Extension, but some sites, such as Facebook and Github for example, cannot currently be WebFonted using the bookmarklet. This is due to an unsurmountable technical limitation of bookmarklets.

The launcher (entering a URL on the WebFonter homepage) is great fun but will not work on a substantial number of websites – those which use a lot of Javascript for example. It will also not work for sites which are password protected or otherwise not publicly visible on the internet.

Why have the “Launcher” at all?

The launcher does have a couple of small extra features that might be of interest. You can bookmark and share URLs when working with the launcher - so you can show friends, colleagues or clients your WebFonted pages.

What browsers does WebFonter support?

We try to support modern, standards-compliant browsers, so recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera should work well. We also support Internet Explorer version 10 or later. The WebFonter will not work on Internet Explorer 9 or earlier.

The WebFonter does not work on site X. What can I do?

If you are using the extension or the bookmarklet Please let us know about it. We might be able to fix it!

If you are using the “Launcher” it has known limitations and will not work on all sites.

I’m designing and developing a website on a local server. Can I still use the WebFonter?

Yes you can! As long as you have a connection to the internet the WebFonter is designed to be used in this way.

Where are my favorites and recently selected families stored?

They are stored in your browser’s local storage. This means they are specific to each computer and browser installation and are not stored on our servers.

Can I hide the WebFonter to take a screenshot?

Yes. Just hit ctrl-H to hide and show the WebFonter. If you’re using the “Launcher” you may have to click somewhere inside the WebFonter first

Do you have a list of sites where the WebFonter is known not to work?

Note that the chrome extension should work on almost any website including those listed below.

The bookmarklet will not work on these well known sites:


The launcher will not work on these well known sites:


The launcher will also not work properly on many sites that use complex javascript or rely on cookies.